Ms. Bean

Patio Greeter

AKA - Meow

Fav Beer - No, catnip please.

Animals - I have brewery full of humans, I do not need more.

Years at MRB and why - 3 years because they needed me.

What Star Wars character would you be - Jabba the Hutt

Back Story - I was wondering by and found this place. Good food and safe

My philosophy - Lay around and smell the brews

Other Beer in my fridge? – No, cat treats please



Accounting Director

AKA - Head Beer Counter
(Note: is also the reluctant HR manager)

Fav Beer - Holy Crap / Seven Swords / and who doesn't love a good Reach Around!

Animals - My granddog is a Black Lab

Years at MRB and why - 5 years here - because I'm just that Lucky!

What Star Wars character would you be - I would say Ewok because they are lovable and hugable. What accounting director isn't?

Back Story - I have over 30 years of manufacturing accounting experience. The last 16 years being in the Craft Brewing Industry. I really enjoy the people and the products of this industry!

My philosophy - Let Go and Let God & Be Nice to People

Other Beer in my fridge? – Bass Ale & my latest Home Brew (assuming it was good)



Head of Production

AKA - Capt Cans

Fav Beer - Vader/Yardbird/Danklord

Animals - 3 cats

Years at MRB and why - 3 full time 5 if you count volunteer work and internship. For the love of craft beer and the family-like atmosphere that comes with it.

What Star Wars character would you be - Obi Wan Kenobi

Back Story - Spent 20 years in the plumbing industry 10 years as a master plumber? I needed a change and an opportunity arose at Mispillion so I jumped in head first. And hear I am.

My philosophy - Do or do not there is no try

Other Beer in my fridge? – Keystone light



Head Brewer

AKA - Baby Bear

Fav Beer - Yard Bird, Lightning Bug, and War Goose

Animals - Beagle Named Luke

Years at MRB and why - I have been here for 5 years because I love beer and this is such a great family to work with!

What Star Wars character would you be - Wicket W. Warrick

Back Story - I grew up on a dairy farm which was really cool and as I got older I started homebrewing because it seemed cool and I turned in to my passion.

My philosophy - Always stay positive and keep smiling

Other beer in my frig - Miller High Life, All Day IPA



Chief Operating Officer

AKA -  Shorts

Fav Beer -The next one

Animals - Cats - Simcoe, Fuggle

Years at MRB and why - 7 years, I came for the opportunity and stayed for the people

What Star Wars character would you be - Darth Sidious

Back Story - Born and raised in Milford, after working for the state and federal government for 10 years decided to follow my passion for making craft beer.

My philosophy - Work hard, play harder

Other Beer in my fridge? – Dogfish Head Midas Touch, Brick Works Drop Trowel IPA




AKA - El Presidente

Fav Beer - Yard Bird, Not Today Satan, Reach Around

Animals - Finn my Black Lab, Ahsoka and Mei my cat

Years at MRB and why - Being the founder of MRB I have been here the entire time which is over 7 years. After working in a corporate business I wanted out.

What Star Wars character would you be - Ki-Adi-Mundi because of that beard!

Back Story - Eric got his start as a country music singer in Tennessee. This former child star was kicked off of the Mousketeers for his rebellious facial hair. From there, he trained sled dogs in Alaska with Cuba Gooding Jr. It was there that he reportedly lost two toes in an unfortunate gamble. He also thinks that no one reads bios (maybe Hollywood lawyers).

My philosophy - Be kind, show lover, drink quality beer and live a good life.

Other beer in my frig - Sierra Nevada and bourbon next to the frig



Entertainment and Concessions Director

AKA - Keeper of the Taproom

Fav Beer(s) - Reach Around / Not Today Satan

Animals - Geddy Lee (Chocolate lab), Gracie (Black lab). Don Sammy (Bischon/Yorkie Mix), Frida Kahlo (Chessie/Pit Mix), Napoleon (Grey Tabby)

Years at MRB and why - 5, Part time fill in bartender, Trivia writer/producer, Music Bingo producer. Why - Bartending for 34 years, starting at Cheers in Columbia PA (1988). Graduated to the Major leagues in 2006, bartender at The Starboard. Why craft? - Beer creativity at MRB is unparalleled, and I am honored to be a part of this team.

What Star Wars character would you be - Kuiil from the Mandalorian, "I have spoken"

Back Story - Bartender, Alarm Installer, Convenience Store Clerk, and many others. Taught history at Milford High School from 1997 to 2022. Dr. of Education !

My philosophy - Time after time we lose sight of the way, Our causes can't see their effects

Other beer in my frig - Pinot Noir (I know not a beer) and Natural Light (barely a beer)

jess mrb (1)


Digital Brewmaster

AKA - Satan, RBF Professional

Fav Beer(s) - War Llama, Pineapple Express

Animals - Jax (Jack Russell/Boston Terrier mutt)

Years at MRB and why - 1 year, but it feels like 100. I started out bartending by accident, but once the boys came to their senses, they brought me on board!

What Star Wars character would you be - Princess Leia, 100%. “Someone has to save our skins." #1, I am a princess. #2, representation on this page matters!

Back Story - I graduated with my Master's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management in 2022, and since then have held positions in my degree field for multiple bars, restaurants, and recently, school districts! I enjoy brand creation and social media strategy, as well as occasionally assisting in brewing!

My philosophy - When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

Other beer in my frig - Literally anything from Ten Eyck from Queenstown, MD! It's all women-owned and brewed, and their beers are hella tasty. Other than that, I'm a big fan of Moscato, and while that's not beer, you can find that in my glass pretty often. 

Official Artist

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