Outside the Can


Mispillion River Brewing has formed a partnership with Chapel  Creamery in Easton Maryland to create an English Farmhouse Cheddar that is rind-soaked daily for 30 days with Space Otter American Pale Ale from us. The cheese is called Otterly Pale Cheddar and is available at the brewery in 8-ounce packs as well as commercially with International Gourmet Foods http://www.igf-inc.com/

Then for part two Chapel and MRB created a Cheddar that has Reach Around IPA added in the beginning and then real French Truffles later to create a bold truffle line. You like truffle (a garlic/mushroomy flavor), you will love this cheese.


Mispillion Beer is working with Rise Up Coffee Roaster from Easton Maryland to offer Mispillion Cold Brew coffee on tap at the brewery to enjoy. We are now adding their great coffee blends to our beers. https://riseupcoffee.com/



MRB is currently working with Kirby and Holloway to create Yard Brats. They are beer brats made with Yard Bird Lager and sold by Kirby and Halloway.

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