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255 Mullet Run St. Milford, DE 19963

Tours and Shiznit


Hi, I want to take a tour!

Tours  have been suspended indefinitely due to a constant state of construction.  The good news is, you can see all of the interesting bits from the Tasting Room. If you happen in during a production cycle, you may be lucky enough to see the brewers in their natural habitat.


What is the Brewers’ Natural Habitat?

It’s a confined space filled with glistening tanks and Taylor Swift music.  You’ll know they’re about to do something interesting when you see their RBF (Resting Brewer Face). All physical activity is fueled by Red Bull, Coldcaine, and last minute panic.


I Would Like to Bring My Children

Children are permitted in the tasting room at Mispilion and we provide coloring pages and other knick knacks to amuse them with. If you leave them unattended, we will use them for production labor.

When bringing children, please ask yourself this question: Did I bring enough fruit snacks to share with EVERYONE?


I Would Like to Bring My Dog

Well-behaved dogs are permitted in the tasting room. That is why my dog, Taco is not allowed.

255 Mullet Run St. Milford, DE 19963

(302) 491-6623